2018 Holidays and Off Days :

Meridian Elements Healthcare and Acupuncture will be CLOSED on the following days in observance of holidays of year 2018:

    Meridian Elements Healthcare y Acupuncture serán CERRADOS en los siguientes días en observancia de las vacaciones del año 2018:

 Date : Year 2018


Monday,       May 28th(05/28/2018)

Tuesday,       May 29th(05/29/2018)

Wednesday,  May 30th(05/30/2018)

Thursday,     May 31st(05/31/2018)

Friday,          June 1st(06/01/2018)

Saturday,      June 2nd(06/02/2018)

Dr. Liang speakes in TCM conference.

Monday,       September  3rd(09/03/2018)

Tuesday,       September  4th(09/04/2018)

Wednesday,  September 5th(09/05/2018)

Labor Day

The day after Labor Day.

Clinic Closes on Wednesdays

Wednesday,  November 21st(11/21/2018)

Thursday,     November 22nd(11/22/2018)

Clinic Closes on Wednesdays

Thanksgiving Day

Monday,        December 24th(12/24/2018)

Tuesday,        December 25th(12/25/2018)

Wednesday,   December 26th(12/26/2018)

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!(We are closed) 

Clinic Closes on Wednesdays

Tuesday,        January 1st(01/01/2019)

Wednesday,   January 2nd(01/02/2019)

Happy New Year!2019! (We are closed)

Clinic Closes on Wednesday.


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