Acupuncture: You might wonder if acupuncture is painful...

Acupuncture: You might wonder if acupuncture is painful…

The question of whether or not acupuncture is painful is a legitimate and common question. Most

often, people receiving acupuncture report no pain from the insertion or removal of acupuncture

needles. Many seem to regret that they waited so long to receive acupuncture due to their fear that it

could be painful. Most people seem to be very relaxed after acupuncture treatment, and it is

common for patients to say that they look forward to their next visit. The insertion of an acupuncture

needle is sometimes described by patients as sort of a micro-mosquito bite. When patients seek out

treatment for existing pain, they often report no pain at all from the insertion of the needles. Some

patients report feeling nothing, and are even prompted by the experience to ask whether a needle

has actually been inserted.

Chinese Herbs: made from plants and herbs which don't include chemical and medicine.

All herbs are derived from nature. While the herbs have been packaged for easier ingestion and now

look like pills, capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders, they are still the natural herbs. This packaging

approach makes it easier for patients to take herbs and enjoy their health benefits. Depending on the

patient’s condition, herbs can treat a number of chronic problems and some acute health issues.

Herbs can help alleviate a variety of issues depending on the problem and its source. In healthy

individuals, herbs can address fatigue and stress and help strengthen the immune system. Herbs may

also be used in some instances to help with arthritis, sinusitis, sexual function, and major organ and

endocrine system problems. Some herbs have special benefits such as herbal teas for healthy weight

loss. The practitioners at Meridian Elements Healthcare and Acupuncture Center are well-qualified to

provide herbal treatment, and efforts are made to sell herbs at the lowest possible price.